Autumn Driving in Shropshire
18 Oct 2018
As it gets colder, most of us turn to our cars to get us around, opposed to our feet. Autumn driving is perfectly safe. However, if you’re a nervous driver, the season brings with it the woes of road hazards that tend to worsen the closer we get to winter. Bayfield Vehicle Hire cares about the safety of our customers. We want to know that you feel confident out there on the open roads. That’s why we have compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you and your car get around this autumn with minimal complications.

Check, check and check again

As we approach the colder months, car batteries tend to struggle that little bit more. It’s worth popping into your local car care centre for a free battery check. It’s certainly best to replace it early, rather than waiting for any trouble to arise in winter. Plus, it will put your mind at rest. Likewise, it’s important to check your tyre tread. Remember the legal minimum is 1.6mm (the depth of a 20 pence piece). The extra grip will help you keep control on roads that aren’t in the best condition. It may sound obvious, but the nights are drawing in (as are the mornings), so it’s also more important than ever to check your lights. This is something you should be doing all year round, but it becomes that bit more essential in autumn.

Stay stocked

Keeping your van or car stocked up with essentials like antifreeze. They’ll help you quickly combat any problems that arise. Antifreeze becomes so important in this season, but it’s something that you could easily overlook. Similarly, keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle. It may sound silly since the summer sun has certainly left us now, but low sun in the autumn can be extremely dangerous. Having sunglasses that you can quickly pop on could help you avoid some serious accidents.

Keep alert

Did you know that hitting a patch of leaves is as dangerous as hitting a patch of black ice? Some dampened leaves could send your car skidding across the road. Keeping your eyes peeled and your speed down will help you prevent any collisions with slippery surfaces. Animal behaviours also change in the autumn. Statistics state that deer collisions are at a high in the autumn. Make sure you take extra care in early mornings and evenings in rural areas and watch out for any pairs of flickering lights you may spot in the distance – it could be the eyes of local wildlife. Wherever you travel this autumn, be sure to set off in plenty of time and don’t rush – that’s when accidents happen. We hope our tips have been of some help and put you at ease behind the wheel as the nights draw in. If you need a hire car or van in Shropshire this autumn, our depots have an extensive fleet of fully serviced vehicles. Please call 01743 770035 (Shrewsbury) or 01952 570057 (Telford), to reserve your vehicle, or you can use our easy online booking system. Hagenbach