Complimentary Vehicle Tracking
31 May 2018
Here at Bayfield Vehicle Hire, we pride ourselves on making vehicle rental as easy as possible. We know that as business owners, you don’t have time to be calling after your drivers to find out where they are. It’s not practical. However, sometimes it’s essential for you to have tabs on where your vehicles are, what routes they’re taking and what the driving behaviours of your staff are really like. That’s why we offer complimentary vehicle tracking for business owners. Yes, you read correctly – complimentary.

Real time tracking

The ability to track your whole fleet in real time really is the crowning glory of our complimentary vehicle tracking functionality. You’ll be able to see all of your vehicles’ locations live on one simple map. Knowing where your vehicles are every minute of the day also means you’ll be able to give your customers more accurate ETAs. That means more convenience for everyone involved. However, what makes this feature even better is how easily accessible it is. Vehicle progress and journey replays can be viewed from any device with internet access – whether it be your laptop, phone or tablet. If you’re on the go, at the office or relaxing at home, with an accompanying app, tracking really couldn’t be easier.

Increasing profits

Vehicle tracking allows you to monitor driving standards – that means harsh driving and excessive speeding can be closely monitored. Ensuring that your drivers are acting sensibly and safely will not only give you peace of mind, but will result in higher driving standards. The system also provides you with management reports which will in turn save you from having to collate timesheets. There will no longer be any need to waste your valuable hours on simple tasks.

Be in control

To help you manage your routes more efficiently, you won’t just be provided with timesheet reports and real time tracking. You’ll also have the ability to view historical journeys online. These are easily viewable as a snail trail on the map. You'll also receive real time impact alerts (FNOL), and view odometer reports (both historical and current). On top of that, your assets will have added security if you opt-in for additional security alerts. Our vehicle tracking really does encompass dozens of features to make your life as a business owner simple. If monitoring your fleet of vehicles from your desk sounds appealing, get in touch with us. Call us on 01743 770035 (Shrewsbury) or 01952 570057 (Telford) to find out more about our complimentary vehicle tracking.