Eight reasons to try vehicle hire in Shropshire over buying or leasing
04 Jul 2017

Our long-term van hire services in Telford and Shrewsbury are a smart choice for businesses looking to temporarily add a van (or car) to their fleet. Whether it’s transit van hire in Telford, 9-seaters or prestige company car hire in Shrewsbury, these are our eight reasons why you should consider rental rather than buying or leasing:  

1. No long-term commitment

Hiring a van usually doesn't involve any long-term commitment. This means you can hand the van back with no penalty and stop the payments should your business needs change. This is particularly useful if your business is seasonal or goes through a quiet period. Ask any experienced business owner: the ability to cut costs during a quiet spell can be the difference between survival and prosperity.  

2. Little or no underwriting

As rental isn't a finance contract, formal underwriting is unnecessary. This means if you have a poor credit record you should still be able to source a hire van at competitive rates. It also means you can usually get behind the wheel quickly and with minimum fuss.  

3. Flexibility

It's rare that a business can predict what size van they need for every job. By hiring your car or van fleet you can change the size of the vehicle to suit the job in hand. One week a small panel van, the next a large crew van, and next month you might need a car for a sales meeting. It would be very expensive for most businesses to run a fleet of vehicles for all requirements.  

4. Cost efficiency

Compared to lease or purchase, hiring can be very competitive, especially if you don't use your vehicle every day. Usually 100% of van hire costs can be deducted as a business expense and you can claim the VAT back as well. Running costs can also be lower as most rental companies, including Bayfield, run fleets of new vehicle, so you always benefit from latest models/fuel efficiency.  

5. Transparency

When pricing up or tendering for a job that requires a vehicle, renting makes it a lot easier. You’ll know exactly how much to factor in for transport thanks to the hire rate, and you don't have to allow anything for the hidden costs of wear and tear, maintenance or depreciation as this is all covered in the hire rate, too.  

6. Accountability

This is especially useful in local government. You can easily show all the vehicle costs directly attributable to a service or a project. You aren't tying your employer into any long-term commitment and if you shop around it's easy to compare like with like and prove a sound decision making process was followed.  

7. Reduced running costs

When you rent a vehicle all responsibility for maintenance, car tax, repairs and more lie with the rental company. If the car or van develops a fault it's the rental company's responsibility to fix it. This means you don't generally need a fleet management department or your own maintenance department.  

8. No capital requirement

Renting a vehicle doesn't tie up your capital. As it’s off the balance sheet you can use your capital for something more useful to grow your business!   Bayfield Vehicle Hire offers a wide range of vehicles at great prices for business owners in Shrewsbury and Telford who wish to rent long term. Give us a call today on 0333 555 3000 or fill out our enquiry form.


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