Europe for Summer?
26 Apr 2019

We are already a quarter through 2019! Christmas is long gone, Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. (It’s OK to say that once the clocks have changed!) The day-to-day might be tough, so it’s only natural to treat yourself to a little break.

If you’re thinking about escaping to mainland Europe this Summer for a well-deserved holiday, have you considered different travel options? A plane isn’t the only way….

With airlines putting charges on top of charges for seats and luggage, and cars perhaps not providing enough long-haul comfort, have you considered this…? How about hiring a van or VW Transporter for your European trip?

Many vehicle hire companies don’t allow their vans to be taken abroad for insurance reasons. However, we are different. At Bayfield, we know the benefits of being more flexible for our customers; in fact, we have years of experience in helping people take hired vans overseas.

Why a van?

Imagine the scene; a car full of friends or family with bedding, suitcases and refreshments shoved into every nook and cranny. At first, you might feel proud managing to fit everything into a small car. However, when you’re halfway down the M1 and people are already getting cramp you may feel differently….

Likewise, you’d have to make decisions about what needs to be left behind. Is there really room for your hair straighteners? Or will you have to make do with the ‘interesting’ hair utensils provided in your temporary lodgings…?! Do you need all those DVDs because the internet’s bad where you’re going?

A van or VW Transporter solves all of these issues. There’s no limit to your luggage, and there’s plenty of room for passengers too. And they are hugely fun to drive!

Why Bayfield Vehicle Hire?

Our all-inclusive European van hire package literally includes everything you could possibly need to confidently holiday to Europe. No hidden charges.

All of our vehicles are less than six months old, which means you get a state-of-the-art, reliable vehicle. You don’t want to be stuck abroad (or indeed anywhere) with a broken-down vehicle. Our vans have a tonne of luxuries too.

Plus, our European van hire package gives you unlimited mileage and unlimited drivers, meaning you can travel as far away from the perils of working life as you want. When we say, “No hidden charges,” we really do mean it!

We have you covered

Of course, Bayfield Vehicle Hire provides comprehensive insurance, a VE103B document and your insurance green card. You can expect AA European Breakdown Assist for that extra peace of mind and a European SatNav.

No matter what Brexit may bring, Bayfield Vehicle Hire will make sure you have all the correct paperwork to stay legal and safe in Europe.

Our Shrewsbury and Telford team even provides vehicle collection and delivery within Shropshire. Convenience is key for our customers.

So, if you're thinking of travelling to Europe this Summer, renting a van just seems to make sense. With great prices and a personal service, why not get in touch on 01743 770035 to find out more about how you can travel in style and comfort in 2019?