Give your new business the best start with our short-term contract hire
15 Feb 2019

Starting a new business? Or maybe you’re looking to expand an existing one? Either way investing in a brand-new vehicle for your company is a big decision. It’s important to drive a vehicle that gives a great first impression of your business. When your van rolls up, you want to make sure that you’re representing your company in the best way possible. Having said that, it’s not always feasible to jump in and buy a van that’s brand-new. That’s where we come in. We pride ourselves on helping new businesses and our short-term contracts do just that.

How Bayfield can help

Here at Bayfield Vehicle Hire, we offer flexible contracts which are perfect for new businesses based in the UK. Short-term contract hire means less commitment, lower costs and less stress for you. You won’t have to worry about any of the potential risks that come with investing in a new vehicle. You can rest easy knowing that your contract is flexible, cost-effective and risk-free.

What are the benefits of short-term hire?

Fixed short-term hire means that you’ll be guaranteed a reliable and modern van, but you won’t have to commit to keeping your vehicle for a long period of time. Setting up a new business is always risky, so short-term hire really is the perfect solution. Beyond that, when you take out a short-term hire contract with us, you’ll be getting a brand-new vehicle. That means a state-of-the-art van that tells your clients that you’re serious about your business. Even better than that, at the end of your term, you’ll have an option to take out another brand-new van! If your new business isn’t local, don’t worry - you won’t have to come and collect your new van from one of our depots. In fact, we’ll come and deliver it straight to your doorstep as part of our nationwide delivery option. As an extra bonus, you’ll also be receiving the manufacturer’s warranty and included road tax.

A great option for your business

So, if you own a new business that’s in need of a vehicle to help your company grow, why not get in touch? With flexible, cost-effective contracts and the choice of a fleet of brand-new vehicles, what’s not to love? If you would like to find out more about our short-term van hire for your new business, please give us a call on 01743 770035 (Shrewsbury) or 01952 570057 (Telford).


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