Leasing a VW Transporter with Bayfield Vehicle Hire
27 Jul 2018
Do you need a brand-new professional van to help you start up your business, but aren’t ready for the commitment of buying? Or are you after a luxury yet practical vehicle to add to your existing fleet, but are cautious of the price tag that comes with buying? With extensive storage space and up-to-date technology, leasing a VW Transporter with Bayfield Vehicle Hire could be the key to helping your business expand.

Suited to your needs

At Bayfield Vehicle Hire, we offer a selection of models of the VW Transporter Panel van on the 12-month contract. With varying carrying capacities, you can find the model that will suit your needs best. Plus, at the end of your 12-month contract, you even have the choice to change vehicles. We understand that as your business changes, your equipment needs to change with it. That’s why we make our range of vehicles as flexible as possible.

Extensive storage

The VW transporters can offer a potential payload of 1,301 kg. That’s a lot of space. Whatever your business needs, this functional and versatile vehicle has enough room to get the job done. The transporter also boasts 3 seats; the driver’s seat and a 2-seater bench. This can be lifted to reveal even more storage for items that you need to easily access.

Travel in style

It’s not all about the storage space with the VW as the Transporter has an impressive cab interior too. As well as being practical, the interior is high-quality and comfortable. With customisable seating, it will keep you happy during your journey. The cab also features an innovative air conditioning system. Whilst offering a manual option, the system also uses sensors to seamlessly regulate temperature. An essential, given the country’s current never-ending heatwaves. However, when winter roles back around, the windscreen also has heating to give better visibility in rain or cold weather.

Stay up-to-date

New technology is featured in the cab; you’ll have access to the best entertainment systems as well as new guidance and navigation technology. Wave goodbye to your old Satnavs and TomToms and make use of the new satellite navigation system that comes with European maps pre-installed. The radio system features a sizeable 5-inch touch screen display, along with USB Ports, Bluetooth, CD Drive and Dual Speakers to keep you entertained on longer journeys. While the Transporter is extremely practical with its extensive storage, it certainly doubles as a vehicle of luxury. Our 12 Month Transporter Contract is perfect for up-and-comers or experienced businesspeople looking to expand without the long-term commitment of buying. The service is a great way to test a new vehicle given our short 12-month contract period, something that most other companies don’t provide. A brand-new innovative and versatile vehicle from £299 per month with included Road Tax, nationwide delivery, manufacturer’s warranty and the option to purchase almost sounds too good to be true. You can choose from 4 VW Transporter models at Bayfield Vehicle Hire. You will also choose from 6 mileage allowances and a preferred start date that best suits you. If you’re interested in expanding your business with one of our vehicles, call us on 0333 222 0055 for more information. Volkswagen Mini Van