Long term van hire in Shropshire for businesses
24 Apr 2017
For a growing number of businesses in Shrewsbury and Telford, renting new vans to match demand is fast becoming the preferred choice to buying. But why is that? Van hire offers flexibility and no long-term commitment. On top of that, it’s easy to manage and doesn't tie your capital. If you are looking for business van hire in Shrewsbury or Telford, why not give Bayfield a call on 0333 555 3000? Renting isn’t going to be the perfect option for everyone. What we are saying is that if you are running a fleet of vehicles, or even just one commercial vehicle, perhaps consider the advantages. We’ve listed five benefits below, so you can decide for yourself whether hiring a vehicle for your business is the way forward:


If your business is seasonal, or even just fluctuates throughout the year (as many do), renting allows you the ability to return the vehicle when you no longer need it. This means you haven't got a valuable asset that's expensive to maintain sat on your driveway, doing nothing but draining money out of your business. Similarly, you can easily swap from one vehicle size to another as your requirements change.

No long-term commitment

Even if you can keep your vehicle busy five or six days a week right now, will that always be the case? Can you really guarantee business volumes two or three years into the future? If you can't, van hire gives you the ability to trim your cost base by returning unneeded vans should business levels fall. Being able to rent vehicles with no long-term commitment protects your business, giving you the space to grow and shrink your turnover, yet maintain profitability.

Ease of maintenance

Most van hire options come with a full maintenance package, including a replacement vehicle. Bayfield Vehicle Hire will even bring a replacement vehicle out to you if you experience any problems and take the troublesome vehicle away to get it repaired. This keeps you on the road, earning money and avoids expensive downtime. It also saves you time and money in managing servicing, MOT and repair requirements. Many companies no longer need a fleet department, as when you choose the rental option, fleet management comes as part of the package!

Modern technology

We can all see how much consumer items have drastically improved in the last five years, and cars and vans are no different. If your car or van is four years old it won't be as fuel efficient or cheap to run as modern equivalents. This is especially true of large vans. Modern vehicles have much better comfort and safety features such as air con, Bluetooth, airbags, ABS brakes, reversing cameras, side cameras. Good vehicle rental firms will generally supply brand new vehicles, so you can visit clients without the fear of a dented old van ruining your professional image. All our vehicles are under 12 months’ old, and most are significantly newer than that. We also change them every 12/18 months, so you always have the latest model on your driveway.

Tax efficiency

Depending on what you hire and how, you could claim all the VAT back and write of up to 100% of the cost against profits. No other way of running a fleet allows you to do this.   Some businesses may still like to own their own vehicles, but many haven’t considered renting as a flexible, money-saving option. The next time you are thinking of changing or upgrading your vehicle, we suggest you try renting to see how it could help your business grow. We offer a couple of options for businesses, including 1-3 Month and 4+ Monthly Hire. You can even benefit from our unique tracking system, which tracks location, miles per hour speed and time spent at destination. To book, call us today on 01743 770035 (Shrewsbury) or 01952 570057 (Telford) or fill out our enquiry form.