Moving into University with Bayfield’s van hire services
20 Aug 2018
It’s that time of year again. Young adults up and down the country are flying the nest and heading for University. Between results day, finding accommodation and sorting student finance, coordinating everything can be quite the struggle. Surprisingly, all the aforementioned tasks seem simple compared to the mammoth task of transporting all your teenager’s belongings across the country. When exams finished, we all thought the ‘hard’ bit was over… Oh, how wrong we were! Trying to stuff younger siblings, mirrors, pots, duvets and devices all into one vehicle is no easy task. That’s where we come in. Luton vans, small vans, plus long and short wheel base crews and kombis… there’s something for everyone! Let Bayfield's van hire services come to the rescue!

Why a car may not be enough

When you’re going to Uni, you have a lot of stuff. New crockery, new room décor, new cups, new everything. Half of it may not even get used… (do many students really use apple corers?) However, that doesn’t erase the problem of you having to transport all of these belongings to your child’s destination. If you’ve got mum and dad in the front passenger seat, a sibling and the teenager actually going to university in the back, you’re likely to find you're out of space. If the process of moving wasn’t stressful enough, you may now be contending with passengers being suffocated by pillows and pots!

Daily van hire

Sometimes, the best option is to get your hands on a bigger vehicle… You don’t want to leave behind essential items, but it’s also important that the rest of the family get to go with your teen and say their goodbyes. That’s why we offer daily van rental for these situations. The right van can offer the perfect solution for circumstances just like this.

Easy and affordable

You can collect your vehicle from your nearest depot on moving day. Alternatively, we may be able to deliver it to your doorstep. There’s no deposit required (which is particularly helpful given the fortune you may have had to fork out for accommodation deposits). There's also no mileage cap. So, whether your son or daughter is jetting off to the Scotland highlands or the southern seaside, our vans can get you there. From just £50 a day, incl. VAT and insurance, you will get to pick from our extensive fleet of vans that are all less than 12 months’ old. You can get a quick quote with our online booking form. Plus, if you’re moving in on a Sunday, we offer a discounted rate as part of our Super Sunday service.

Choose your van

Once you’ve decided to try and tackle moving day with a larger vehicle, you can choose from our extensive van selection to see which will be best for you. Maybe you’re moving furniture to a brand-new house for those in second or third year – in which case our low loader vans are perfect. With a huge 1.5 tonne load capacity and a load height of only 48cm from the floor, no tail lifts are needed so you can easily fill up the van with big items.

A flexible option

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something to fit the whole family in, as well as blankets, spatulas and lamps, then our range of Kombi and Crew vans will be of assistance. They consist of a front row of two or three seats and a second row of three seats. With a generous loading space and dividing bulkhead to protect passengers, this van will get your family to University in style.

Let Bayfield help

Hiring a large vehicle is quite important if you want to move your young adult across the country with minimal traumas. At Bayfield Vehicle Hire, we make the process of vehicle rental as stress-free as possible. Your child flying the nest can already be a stressful and bittersweet event, so let us do the hard work and help you get there with ease. For more information about our daily van rental services, please call us on 0333 555 3000.