New year, new move with van hire in Shropshire
15 Jan 2019
Are you on the lookout for new year van hire in Shropshire? Christmas and the new year are over. We are all now well and truly back into the daily grind of work life. For many, Christmas is a stressful time of year. Between festive events, locating presents, finding time to wrap and perfecting the Christmas dinner, adding ‘move house’ to your to-do list isn’t feasible. That’s why many of us wait until we are in January to make the big leap. Maybe you’re a family upgrading to a bigger house, or a young couple just starting out, either way, there is one problem you are soon going to come face to face with. Yes, once the stress of finding a house and putting down your deposit is sorted, you actually need to move in. When it comes to moving day, many people are reluctant to hire a van to relocate their items. Instead they prefer to do multiple trips in the car or hire movers. The issue here is, multiple trips in a small car are going to take a long time. Right after Christmas, it’s not always easy to get time off work to allow you a day or two to do several journeys. Especially, if you’re moving further afield, sometimes multiple car trips just aren’t doable. So, what’s wrong with movers then? Isn’t it their job to transport everything for you? Well yes, it is. However, they are unlikely to take as much care with your personal items as you would. It can make many people nervous knowing that they’re putting all of their worldly possessions in the hands of strangers. You can never tell if something could be broken in transit. That’s why we suggest that you hire your own van for the big move. No multiple trips and no reliance on other people.

Why hire with Bayfield?

Our services allow you to hire a van for just one day, perfect to transport your items to a new part of town. Of course, if you’re moving further away, you can also hire for even longer. Not only that, but you can choose from our large variety of van sizes. Are you just looking to move flats? Or maybe you’re moving into your first home and need to buy some furniture? If that’s the case, a small van with enough space for two people could be the option for you. At £50 for one day hire, it’s a far more reasonable price point than hiring movers. Alternatively, if you’re making a medium or large house move, our Luton vans have space for three passengers and boast masses of room. At £100 for a day’s hire, you get to avoid all of the mucking about with movers or multiple trips. Plus, you’ll save some cash along the way.

No faff, just straight forward van hire

Not only are our vans reasonably priced, but we also offer a collection and delivery service. That means you won’t have to pick up or return the van yourself. We even offer out-of-hours return services for those of you who have busy schedules and have to fit moving around work. We are all about making the moving process as stress-free as possible. That’s why we also require no deposit! In other words, there will be no hanging around waiting for a money to be returned, so you can carry on and make any new purchases you need for your house straight away. Are you about to move house? Would you like to find out more about hiring a van for the big day? Then contact our friendly teams at our Shrewsbury and Telford depots on 01743 770035 or 01952 570057.