Our top five reasons to take a van on holiday
21 Feb 2018
Everyone loves a good holiday, and though they may seem like a long way off now, Easter and summer always come around quickly. Whether you’re keen to explore more of the UK or are thinking of going abroad, driving can be a fantastic way to discover new places and make treasured memories. Plus, with the right rental company the hiring process can be so affordable and easy! Hiring a van in Shropshire is an especially straightforward process with Bayfield. We believe that whether you’re going away with a group of friends or with the family, exploring the UK or Europe, choosing to drive your own van is a brilliant, cost-effective option. If you’ve never taken a van on holiday before, or you’ve had a bad experience in the past, these are our top five reasons to seriously consider giving it a go...

1. Travel in style

Many people have a misconception of what a driving holiday will be like. We can all agree that the idea of being stuffed into a hot van for hours in the summer (worse if you’re in a warm country) is a rather unappealing thought! But forget what you think you know: a driving holiday can be one of the most relaxing, luxurious travel experiences you ever have. Most modern passenger vans are designed with long journeys in mind. This means air conditioning, comfortable seating, media and navigation systems, automatic side doors, carpeting and plenty of natural light. Some models, like the VW Caravelle, even come with a multi-functional table for passengers and lumbar support adjustment! Plane and train travel can’t compete with that…

2. Plenty of choice

When it comes to choosing the right van for your trip, there’s plenty of choice out there. Larger groups will benefit from a minibus, 9 seater or 7 seater, whereas smaller groups of five or less will fit comfortably in a short wheel base van. Crew / Kombi vans make a great option for holidaymakers. They are regular panel vans yet offer really flexible seating arrangements to accommodate a variety of group sizes. They combine two rows of seating with a generous loading space for luggage, bikes or other equipment, and a dividing bulkhead to protect passengers. Some even come with extra windows in the van sides for more natural lighting and to enjoy the views.

3. Go your own way

When you’re travelling via public transport, you’re never totally in control of your own holiday. You’re restricted to travelling at certain times, and often there are multiple stages in the journey to get you from A to B. Taxi, train, plane, subway, tram, boat… If you happen to miss a connection or something gets cancelled you risk throwing off the entire schedule! Hiring your own vehicle gives you the ultimate freedom and convenience to travel when and where you want. You could even get the hire company collect you or deliver the van right to you, eliminating awkward back-and-forth trips to the depot. From your front door to your destination and back, you’re quite literally in the driver’s seat of your adventure!

4. Safe travels

There are a lot of different elements to consider when travelling. One extra thing you don’t want to be worrying about is breaking down or having van troubles, especially when you’re on the continent! The best way to save yourself sleepless nights over this is to hire a new, reliable van from a trustworthy vehicle hire company. For example, all Bayfield vans are less than 12 months old. Plus any vehicle you take to Europe is always less than six months old! Back this up with AA European Breakdown Assist as standard, and that adds up to peace of mind for the journey ahead.

5. Driving in Europe

When you think of hiring a vehicle for driving abroad, you may be put off by the idea of sorting all the paperwork and insurance. However, if you choose a rental company experienced in renting vans for overseas use they will have knowledge to share. The right company will ensure you’ve got everything you need to drive safely and legally in Europe. Bear in mind, not every vehicle hire company rents out vans for trips abroad, so it's worth checking first. Bayfield certainly does: in fact, we actually offer a European Travel Pack to accompany your European van rental. Along with unlimited mileage, unlimited drivers and comprehensive insurance, you get your VE103B Document, Insurance Greencard and a European Satellite Navigator. We really do think of everything! We also have a great range of passenger vans available from our Shrewsbury and Telford depots, suitable for every conceivable group size and every holiday. Not sure what vehicle would suit your trip best? Our friendly van hire specialists will be happy to advise you on models and quotes. Give us a call today on 0333 555 3000 and book in advance to get a head start on your holiday!