Pet-Friendly Road Trips: How to Travel Safely and Comfortably with Pets in Rental Vehicles
26 Jun 2024

Taking a road trip with your furry companion can be a memorable and enjoyable experience, but it's essential to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Renting a vehicle for a pet-friendly road trip requires careful planning and consideration to accommodate your pet's needs while maintaining the integrity of the rental vehicle. Here are some tips on how to travel safely and comfortably with pets in rental vehicles:


Choose a Pet-Friendly Rental Company

Look for rental companies that are pet-friendly and allow pets to accompany renters in their vehicles. Check the rental company's pet policy and enquire about any restrictions or additional fees associated with traveling with pets.


Select the Right Vehicle

Choose a vehicle that provides ample space and comfort for both you and your pet. Opt for a spacious 4x4, minivan, or hatchback with sufficient room for your pet to sit or lie down comfortably during the journey. Avoid renting luxury or premium vehicles that may have stricter pet policies or higher cleaning fees.


Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Before hitting the road, ensure your pet is comfortable with car travel by taking them on short drives and gradually increasing the duration of trips. Pack essential items for your pet, including food, water, bowls, bedding, toys, lead, collar, waste bags, and any necessary medications.


Secure Your Pet Safely

Properly restrain your pet during car travel to ensure their safety and prevent distractions while driving. Use a pet harness, travel crate, or pet barrier to secure your pet in the back seat or cargo area of the vehicle. Avoid allowing your pet to sit on your lap or roam freely inside the vehicle, as this can be dangerous for both you and your pet.


Protect the Rental Vehicle

Take measures to protect the rental vehicle from pet-related damage and mess. Use a durable pet seat cover or blanket to protect the upholstery from scratches, stains, and pet hair. Place a waterproof mat or liner underneath your pet's bedding to contain any spills or accidents.


Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Ensure your pet's comfort during the journey by maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. Avoid leaving your pet unattended in a parked vehicle, especially in hot or cold weather, as extreme temperatures can be harmful or even fatal to pets. Provide adequate ventilation and hydration for your pet throughout the trip.


Plan Rest Stops

Schedule regular rest stops along your route to allow your pet to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, and get some exercise. Research pet-friendly rest areas, parks, and attractions along the way where your pet can safely explore and burn off energy. There are plenty of lovely places to visit if you are staying in and around Telford and Shrewsbury where we are based, in the UK!


Clean Up After Your Pet

Be responsible for cleaning up after your pet to maintain the cleanliness of the rental vehicle. Pack cleaning supplies such as pet-safe wipes, stain remover, and odour neutraliser to address any accidents or messes promptly. Dispose of waste properly and leave the vehicle in the same condition as when you received it.


Respect Rental Policies

Adhere to the rental company's pet policy and rules regarding pets in rental vehicles. Avoid violating any pet-related restrictions, such as smoking, eating, or allowing pets on the seats, to avoid additional fees or penalties.


Enjoy the Journey!

Above all, enjoy the journey with your furry companion and make lasting memories together.

Take breaks to enjoy scenic views, go for leisurely walks, and bond with your pet along the way. With proper planning and consideration, traveling with pets in rental vehicles can be a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for both you and your pet.

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