Should I choose to lease or buy a van?
26 Sep 2018
There are many reasons why leasing a van is beneficial, especially when it comes to businesses. Whether you need a short or long-term lease, the advantages can considerably outweigh buying a van. Bayfield Vehicle Hire offers fixed term contract hire on a range of vans. Suiting short-term leasing needs or the specific needs of your business.

So why should you pick leasing over buying?

Leasing doesn’t require you to part with a large sum of money like you would if you were buying a new van. This is good news for businesses as purchasing a van is an expensive prospect and can be a concern if you’re worried about the development of your company. If your business is undergoing expansion and you require some large vehicles for increased demand for an unspecified period of time - leasing is a flexible option. Especially suited is our 6-month and 12-month vehicle hire service as it allows your business to meet demands but you aren’t stuck with the commitment of spending a large volume cash on buying a van. With the profits and needs of businesses always changing, nothing is for certain and this is a big reason as to why businesses choose to lease rather than buy a van.
A new van
Businesses can also benefit from having a new van at the end of their lease term if they choose to. This means each time your lease is coming to an end, you can make the decision of having a brand-new vehicle for the continuing demands of your business. Or if you no longer require the service, you can simply walk away. You won't be left with a van that you no longer need, like you would be if you had purchased one.
Maintenance cost and responsibility
Maintenance costs are also not a worry for businesses when they choose to lease a van. If the van requires maintenance, then the cost is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as part of your van lease agreement. If a business were to buy a van instead, they are then stuck with the maintenance costs for the vehicle. This can be costly as the van depreciates.

Why choose to lease a van with Bayfield Vehicle Hire?

  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Brand new vehicle
  • Fixed term contract
  • Road tax included
  • UK nationwide delivery available
These are just some of the benefits of leasing a van with Bayfield Vehicle Hire. Our leasing contracts can cover 6-month and 12-month hire deals. This means your business will get a flexible option that is fully suited to your needs. We also make it simple to book your preferred business leasing deal via our online booking form on our website. For more information about our van models or van leasing contracts, please visit our website here. Or, if you would like to speak to a member of our team, please give us a call on 0333 222 0055 and we will be happy to advise.