The advantages of vehicle contract hire
05 Oct 2017
Are you a UK-based business looking to add a van to your fleet? Contract hire could be the answer. Bayfield Vehicle Hire is introducing our 12 Month Contract Hire, available nationwide. Starting from just £299 +VAT per month, choose from a range of brand new Transporter vans with annual mileage from 10,000, to 35,000 miles per annum. 

What is contract hire? 

Whether it's personal or for business, contract hire agreements allow you to take on a vehicle for a set period of time (usually 12 months or longer) via fixed monthly payments. Once the contract is over, the vehicles are returned to the company who originally leased them out.  Business contract hire is one of the most popular forms of car leasing. The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association reports that the business leasing sector for cars and vans has grown to 1,350,000 (an annual growth of 7.6%). Vans particularly have enjoyed an increase of +14.9%. (1) 

The advantages 

There are a number of advantages to contract hire: 
  1. Flexibility – It's hard to predict what vehicles your business might require in the future. It wouldn't be cost effective to run fleet of vehicles for every possible requirement. Neither would buying a new vehicle each time you need one. Vehicles deprecate in value over time – and what happens if demand lowers? Contract hire is a way to run a fleet of vehicles flexibly, responding to business demands, and at the same time freeing up business capital. 
2. Low cost – Most contract hire agreements ask for three months' worth of payments upfront, and after that your monthly payments are fixed. The price does depend on the type of vehicle, mileage and residual value, but generally contract hire can end up being more cost effective than buying an upmarket vehicle each time your situation changes.  3. Convenient – Your leasing company can handle all the admin and on-going support involved. In some cases, for an additional fee, they can even deal with things like maintenance and / or servicing. 4. Brand new vehicles – Enjoy top-of-the-line vehicles with the latest technology. New cars tend to be more fuel-efficient, cheaper to run and generally safer. 

12 Month Contract Hire with Bayfield

Usually contract hire can last from one to four years, but if you don't need a vehicle for that long it can feel like a huge commitment. How can you know what your business might need two, three, or more years from now?  That's why we're introducing our National 12 Month Contract Hire. Each agreement has a fixed term of just 12 months. If you wish to renew at the end of that year, no problem. Importantly, you're not stuck in a contract for longer than necessary.  After your contract has ended you may choose to end it, renew it for another year, or purchase the vehicle. 

VW Transporter Highline 

One of the models that will be available from Bayfield is the VW Transporter Highline. The compact vehicle offers outstanding functionality and versatility, with a surprisingly spacious load compartment and ergonomic interior design. It also includes: 
  • Climactic air-conditioning system 
  • Leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel 
  • 16" Clayton alloy wheels 
  • Laminated windshield, heated 
  • Separate daytime running light with automatic headlight control and Coming Home feature 
There will be four models of Transporter to choose from, depending on engine power and wheel base length. More models will be added over time. 

Contract hire in Shropshire and the UK 

To get a quote for 12 Month Contract Hire with Bayfield, please call us on 0333 555 3000, or get in touch via our enquiry form.   (1) BVRLA Q2 2017 Quarterly Leasing Survey Summary Infographic. Available from: [Accessed 3rd October 2017]