UK Covid Lockdown results in Van Hire Shortage
25 Mar 2021
by Jason King

The last 12 months has seen much upheaval around the world and the vehicle hire industry is no different. Vehicle hire businesses have shrunk their fleets in the face of reduced demand (we have shrunk ours by nearly 20%). This means the number of vehicles available to rent are much less than they were 12m ago. So if you are planning a house move or have some other kind of car or van hire requirement coming up it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. 

In the past you could have got away with leaving it until the last minute before you book your car or van hire. In 2021 this will leave you liable to disappointment. Vehicle hire firms can and will increase their fleets as demand grows again and many (Bayfield Vehicle Hire included) have orders in place to do this. However another effect of the Covid 19 crisis has been the vehicle supply capacity from manufacturers is much reduced and supply chains are longer, slower and more unreliable, even from Europe’s biggest manufacturers. So we don’t really know what vehicles will be arriving and when...even when we ordered 6 months ago. 

At Bayfield Vehicle Hire when we take a booking we allocate it to a specific vehicle, this secures your booking against a vehicle and minimises the risk of last minute disappointment. All national vehicle hire businesses operate differently. They will accept every booking and worry about having a vehicle available the day before you are due to collect. This leads to last minute cancellations, stress and disappointment. Nationals will argue that they can move vehicles around their depots at the last minute to ensure customers get the vehicles they have ordered. We know this isn’t always the case. So book early and book with a company that can confirm your booking has been allocated to a vehicle.