What to consider when looking for van hire in Shropshire
16 Mar 2017

When looking for van hire in Shropshire for business or personal use, it pays to be savvy and know the right questions to ask. Here are Bayfield’s top tips, which will help you get the most from your vehicle hire, car or van!

1.     Price

When shopping around for quotes, price is usually the number one element most people consider. Price is important, but placing cost over value and quality can mean even the lowest price isn’t worth the experience. Many companies like to lead with an alluring price, only for you to find out that’s the bare bones service and only a fraction of what you’ll actually be charged. Make sure you are comparing like-with-like and consider all costs, not just the headline hire price.

2.     VAT

Does the price quoted include VAT? This is a sharp practice some van hire companies in Shropshire (and elsewhere) may use to make prices look cheaper. But by the time you add the VAT on, at 20%, this can make a big difference. All Bayfield’s vehicle hire quotes include VAT in the price.

3.     Add-ons

Look out for other cheeky add-ons that might hike up the price. Some vehicle hire companies charge extra for things that other providers include as standard. For example… Road Tax charges, roadside assistance and insurance. You will need all of these when you hire a car or van, but double check if they have been included in the overall price. Similarly, find out whether there a mileage limit on the vehicle and what the charges are should you exceed it, or whether there is unlimited mileage, as with Bayfield Vehicle Hire Shropshire

4.     Insurance

Sometimes only basic third-party insurance is included as standard, and comprehensive cover is an added extra. Most drivers will want comprehensive cover, so do ensure this is included! Our vehicle hire includes comprehensive insurance as standard.

5.     Insurance excess

As with insurance, make sure you know what the relevant excess is. This is maximum amount you will have to pay if the vehicle is damaged whilst in your possession. Some van hire companies have high excesses, which can make them look cheap, but if you have a bump or accident if can quickly turn expensive.

6.     Insurance waiver / Collision Damage Waiver

Is this included, or again, simply an added extra? How much does it reduce the excess down to? Often a waiver will reduce the excess but not remove it altogether. Make sure you know what you have and are comfortable with it.

7.     Vehicle age and type

What looks like a cheap deal may not be so cheap when you are given a ten-year-old vehicle with 250,000 miles under its belt. When you book, ask for the age of the vehicle and whether it is diesel, petrol or alternatively fuelled. A higher-priced vehicle may work out costing less in the long run if you get a nearly-new diesel, as you will save at the fuel pump, especially on long journeys. A young vehicle is also much less likely to give up on you during your trip. Roadside breakdowns can hit the pocket hard, especially in business when delays cost money. All our vehicles are under 12 months old. Some are even under three!

8.     Delivery / collection

Another extra that could save you money is if the hire company offers a local delivery / collection service. This could save you time as well as the cash you’d spend shelling out for cabs, buses, or parking charges just to get to and from the depot. If they won’t drop the vehicle off, can they come and fetch you? Bayfield Vehicle Hire provides a collection and delivery service across Shropshire.

9.     Opening hours

You want to return your hire car or van before work starts at 8am… but they only open at 9am. Look to see if the company has useful opening hours. If you can return the vehicle at night or early in the morning you could save money elsewhere by not having to get lifts from others, or not having to take time off work. Our depots in Shrewsbury and Telford are open seven days a week, 7am-5pm Monday-Friday, 7am-12pm Saturday and 8am-10am Sunday.

10.  Deposit

Is the hire company asking for a deposit? If so, how is it going to be held, and when do you get it back? Delays in getting your own money back can be tiresome at best, and there’s nothing worse than chasing someone for a deposit. We ask for no deposit on car or van hire in Shropshire for up to three months’ rental!


Our guide should equip you with all the info you need to make an informed choice when it comes to car and van hire in Shropshire… or you could just cut to the chase and use Bayfield Vehicle Hire! We believe we tick all the right boxes, and are always available to chat about how we can help.