Why short-term contract hire is perfect for businesses
02 Jan 2018
Most vehicle hire companies only offer long-term contract hire. We are talking a two - four year commitment to a brand new vehicle for your business. Sounds risky? Well, it can be. We believe that smart, short-term contract hire is the solution, which is why we now offer Car and Van Contract Hire with 6 to 12 Month Terms! But first, let's learn more about short-term contract hire and why it's so brilliant for business owners:

What is short-term contract hire?

It does what it says on the tin. Instead of signing up for a significantly long lease, short-term hire bridges the gap between daily renting and ‘traditional’ contract hire. Here at Bayfield Vehicle Hire, we offer 6 to 12 month contract hire - something not many vehicle hire companies offer. Short-term hire with us means there’s less commitment and risk for you and your business.

Why is short-term contract hire so great?

1. Flexibility – only signing up for 6 months, opposed to three years or more, allows you to not worry about the future. You don’t have to predict what will be happening to your business a couple years down the line. 2. Updating – once your hire ends, you are free to upgrade your vehicle. In other words, you will always be driving the best vehicles for your needs. No more worrying about not looking up to scratch. 3. Changing Needs – in business, your requirements will be constantly changing. Maybe you need a new fleet of vehicles, but only for a limited amount of time. Short-term contract hire takes into account that vehicle needs will always differ. 4. Cost-Effective – short-term hire is considerably cheaper than ownership. With monthly payments, you can easily budget for your business’ future. It’s impossible to predict what the future holds, so having a steady and predictable paying pattern can give you peace of mind.

How you can benefit

Vehicle hire can provide great benefits for your business. Whether it is business cars for employees or a delivery vehicle to add to the fleet, contract hire could help your company thrive. With short-term contract hire, there’s no need to negotiate and sell the vehicle afterwards. Sometimes selling a vehicle can cause a lot of problems given how demand changes and vehicles depreciate over time. On top of that, it’s cheaper than a loan or ‘hire purchase’ and there’s less commitment. It makes the process of vehicle hire much simpler and effective for you. Short-term hire can be perfect for any special projects, new starters or even for short-term contract staff. It allows you to upgrade your fleet in an easy and flexible way that long-term hire just can’t. Imagine ordering a new company car (with a normal lease of two - four years) for a brand new employee who is still in a probation period… You wouldn’t! But what if it’s essential that this employee has a mode of transport? Short-term hire is the answer. Bayfield Vehicle Hire has just launched TWO new 6 to 12 Month Contract Hire services: Van Contract Hire and Car Contract Hire. Get a quote on a wide range of makes and models of vehicle, available anywhere within mainland UK. If you’re interested in short-term contract hire, you can get a quick quote online with no hassle here. With nationwide delivery available from our Shropshire depots and a large fleet of cars and vans, we always provide a friendly, quality service. If you have any questions, please call one of our contract hire advisers on 0333 222 0055.